How I landed in tcs + research

My interest in academic research was developed during my master’s study in actuarial science*, where I experienced the joy of discovering knowledge through the participation in various research-related activities, e.g. holding seminar talks, attending conference and working as a student assistant. It was not until the end of my master’s study that I discovered my interest in computer science, when a good friend introduced me to this diverse and fascinating area of knowledge. After master’s graduation, I worked shortly as a research assistant in actuarial science, before deciding to look for a new path in cs.

For around a year back then I was self-studying a variety of cs topics, from the very basics gradually to more advanced topics. After quite some trials and errors, I eventually landed in what I’m now happily doing. Now whenever I look back, I cannot be thankful enough to the ones who have been supporting me through all those times of uncertainty and challenges.

*In case you’ve never heard of this rare and somewhat weirdly named discipline, actuarial science is roughly statistics and financial maths applied onto insurance topics.


Cantonese is my mother tongue and I speak fluent English.
In daily life I like to speak in German, although it is not what I know the best and mistakes are unavoidable.
If I were to learn more languages just for fun, Japanese, Latin and Russian would be my picks.

My past little dream

As a late-beginner, I started with ballet dance when I turned adult, which has ever since become an important part of my life. For years, my old little dream was to become a professional dancer. I was a full-time dance student for almost one year, a time that I still miss in a way.