How I landed in crypto

I was fortunate to have completed my master at Ulm University, where I was given the opportunities to participate in various research-related activities, e.g. giving seminar talks and working as student assistant, all of which fostered my interest in academic work. Yet a pity, while years were spent in actuarial science*, it was not until master’s graduation that I discovered my interest in algebra and its countless applications in tcs, when my best friend introduced me to these fascinating areas of knowledge. After graduation I continued shortly in actuarial science as research assistant, and finally decided to look for a new path.

For around a year back then I was self-studying a variety of math and cs topics, from the very basics gradually to more non-trivial topics. After quite some trials and errors, I eventually found crypto, what I’m now happily learning and working on everyday. Whenever I look back, I cannot be thankful enough to the ones who have supported me through all those times of uncertainty and challenges.

*In case you’ve not heard of this rare and somewhat weirdly named discipline, actuarial science is roughly the study of statistics and financial math specialised to topics on risks and insurance. (Its German name Versicherungsmathematik makes much more sense in my opinion.)


I grew up in Hong Kong and Cantonese is my mother tongue.
In daily life I like to speak in German, although it is not what I know the best and mistakes are unavoidable.
If I were to learn more languages just for fun, Japanese, Latin and Russian would be my picks.

My past little dream

As a late-beginner, I started with ballet dance when I turned adult, which has ever since become an important part of my life. For years, my old little dream was to become a professional dancer. I was a full-time dance student for almost one year, a time that I still miss in a way.